CSR Activities



Employment opportunities in India is saturating day by day. With the passage of time it is felt that there is absolute mismatch between the available human capital vs. Job opportunities. The level of uncertainty is increasing among the students which ultimately working as De-motivating factor.


The main objective of the Society is to conduct motivation training at the early stgee of college level to ensure that there is place for everyone in the society according to their knowledge and skill. During the process the opportunities for self employment/entrepreneurship will be mainly highlighted in order to reduce uncertainty factor among the students. Few case studies and success stories will be shared among the participants.


After 14 years entrepreneurial background the Team members of Herald has felt that they have some responsibilities towards the next generation and after serious discussion it was decided that sharing their experience be helpful. The senior members of the Team have been invited by various departments of State level to share their success stories. Accordingly, the team has taken such challenging decision to promote entrepreneurship.


No one is born as entrepreneur, everyone do not qualify for GMAT/CAT/GRE, every parents does not have capacity to send their wards for higher studies. We have realised that a sizable quantum of students do not get right mentorship as to what to chose for his carrier which will certainly match with his level of educational qualification, other skills which are hidden or not yet exposed. We will target mainly a person who can be converted from an individual to an entrepreneur


Although we are located at Kolkata, our plan is to conduct awareness program at District level wherein individual from various fields in the districts will get the opportunity to know various avenues. In the District level route map of the college will be made to reach the source.


The training will assist to develop required traits and competencies to become successful entrepreneur, The process will be done through imparting training covering areas of importance which are prerequisite to change vision & bring confidence among the trainees selected by the team. The lecture will be given English/Hindi/Bengali for better understanding.


Candidates will be short listed from the seminars and called for discussions and interview. Special focus will be given to identify the areas of mind blockage which normally hold an individual to choose safe employment rather than becoming a risk taker in spite of having knowledge and skill.


The initial training will be for a period 3 months which will cover class room study and understanding the strength of an entrepreneur. Practical classes at floor level will be given more priority to check the competency of the trainees. After 3 months training the trainees will be put on INCUBATION for next three month the outcome of which will be an entrepreneur. The training will include working with existing entrepreneurs for capacity and confidence building.


The following subject areas are proposed to be part of theoretical training:

  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Management
  • Basics of licence and other formation formalities in detail
  • Management and administration
  • Accounting principles and practice
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Basics of Packaging and presentation
  • Preparation of viable project report based on competency


The training will be conducted by the faculties who have related education and experience and able to address the key problem areas. Efforts will be made to select every module with case study to make the classes interesting and effective and result worthy.


The subject wise detailed syllabus will be submitted to at least three Indian Universities for affiliation so that it is given due merit to various department for recognition.


Student selected as training after initial screening test will be registered as a trainee after filling enrolment and registration form. The registration fees will be Rs.500.


Every registered student will be put into 3 months initial training followed by 3 month INCUBATION and monitored for a continuous period of one year. Efforts will be made to understand the difficulties and barriers that most of the first generation entrepreneurs face at early stage and same will be addressed by the expert team