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Success has no Shortcut. True and absolutely applicable for entrepreneurs. MSMEs in INDIA has to face stiff competition with MNCs which primarily depend on ABILITY, ATTITUDE and ANTICIPATORY MANAGEMENT capacity of the entrepreneur. Started its journey during September 2000 as first generation entrepreneur the team has been working as ethical entrepreneur with a corporate culture. Undoubtedly, the route was full of speed breakers which are the part and parcel of every project. It was not that difficult for the team of HERALD since the entrepreneurs were well prepared to carry out variance analysis. Accordingly, mid course correction were made and the unit came out of ailments that a micro unit normally face in its initial stage.

Started its commercial production with 12 employees in December 2000 at a rented factory premises the present employee strength is 67. During May 2010 the unit has purchased 2 Bight land and constructed Factory Building of 6000 Sq Ft. with G+3 foundation which should be considered as an achievement for the first generation entrepreneur. The entrepreneur along with their development has been ensuring spreading the essence of Entrepreneurship and has been constantly working in the field of Entrepreneurship Development which is key source of employment generation.

The entrepreneurs of HERALD has been constantly working in the field of Entrepreneurship and being invited at various seminars conducted by MSME Development Institute, Govt. of India, Govt. of WB, Ministry of Fruit Processing, Indian Chamber of Commerce and other body corporate to impart training to various aspirants. The success of the team is further delighted with appointment of the Team Leader as a Visiting Faculty by a number of Institutes/University in Kolkata to teach the MANAGEMENT AND special focus to ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT.

The Management of HERALD’S intend to work in the field of employment generation by imparting training and development and creating new entrepreneurs.

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